Twitter support added to Fotostat

Posted January 22, 2013 under minimalise, fotostat, socialmedia

One of the more common requests we get for +Fotostat is for more networks to be supported.  From the beginning we have tried to prioritise the networks we were supporting by their popularity in an effort to help out as many people as possible, but there has been one glaring omission, +Twitter.

With so many photographers utilising the micro-blogging platform it was a hard decision to not include Twitter from the outset.  Around the time Fotostat was moving through beta, there was a lot of controversy surrounding the direction Twitter was taking in relation to developers utilising the service.  Not wanting to implement something and have it shortly taken away I was hesitant to support the service at all.  After much thought and consideration I have now tentatively added Twitter to the growing list of networks.  I'd rather save our users as much time as possible now and deal with any problems that may arise if/when the time comes.

This brings our current supported network count to 9, with Twitter joining Google+, Facebook , Flickr , 500px, Smugmug, Tumblr, WordPress and Instagram.

Please let me know of any networks you would like to see added to the service and we will add it to our list.  This is only the beginning with more social networks, photography communities, blogging platforms and stock photography sites slated to be supported in the future.

Also, feel free to follow us on twitter @ or head straight to the site @

Daniel Treadwell is a Developer, Amateur Photographer and Founder of Fotostat, a central hub where photographers can easily manage their online presence.